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Why are we here

Southeast Asia Feminist Action Network (SEAFAM) was initiated in August 2020 to build and strengthen feminist movements in Southeast Asia, with an initial focus on Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. 

These three countries are currently facing significant challenges in terms of democracy and human rights. These problems are marked by increasingly oppressive government regimes, increasing restrictions on freedom of speech and association, the rise of intolerant and ultra-conservative groups, the persecution of human rights defenders, and the high level of discrimination and violence against women (both cis and transwomen) and other marginalized groups.

Facing this situation, we need to build a movement of solidarity to support and strengthen feminist work across Southeast Asia.




We started from an increasing realisation that our movements cannot travel alone. We must support one another if we are to be successful in creating feminist societies that are fair and just.

June 2020


Hand in Hand

Jakarta Feminist Association (Indonesia), Gantala Press (The Philippines) and KRYSS Network (Malaysia) began working together as local coordinators to establish a Southeast Asian network.

August 2020


Members selected

Our first 27 members from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines were selected after a month-long open application process.

October 2020


First activities begin

SEAFAM holds its first activities and begins movement strengthening work.

November 2020