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SEAFAM takes part in 16 Days of Activism

SEAFAM takes part in 16 Days of Activism

Some of the participants of the ‘Feminism in Indonesia: Now and the Future’ webinar.

Every year, the members of SEAFAM take part in the 16 Days of Activism on Violence against Women (16 Days). Usually, these activities are offline and face-to-face, and include discussions, seminars, movie screenings, protests, and other public events.

In 2020, things were a little bit different. Not only can we now act as a network, we had some additional support. Thanks to the generous support of Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) ASEAN, SEAFAM was able to hold a series of online activities across Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

In the Philippines, SEAFAM Philippines coordinator Gantala Press came up with an online cultural program entitled “Lumilikha! Lumalaban!” (Creating! Fighting!) on November 29, featuring four sister organizations from SEAFAM. Time’s Up Ateneo held a webinar entitled “Safeguarding Against Sexual Violence” on December 4. KERI-Caring for Activists prepared a self-care workshop curriculum for interested organizations, while Gabriela Youth-Cavite and Project Inclusivity both developed zines on gender-based violence.

In Malaysia, SEAFAM Malaysia coordinator KRYSS Network took the opportunity to amplify voices of women in Malaysia, voices of women that have been ignored. KRYSS featured 12 women of various backgrounds and their stories. Panas Panas Theatre conducted a special trilogy series in their Women’s Play Marathon (WPM) in conjunction with 16 Days of Activism, reading three plays from around the region (Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia) that specifically dealt with violence against women. MYConsent created infographics and short videos pertaining to consent, and even coordinated a competition to encourage people to share their understanding of consent. Kata Kolektif released a series of articles, photosets and illustrations published on their website, Instagram and Twitter, in conjunction with 16 Days of Activism on Violence Against Women.

In Indonesia, SEAFAM Indonesia coordinator Jakarta Feminist held a webinar highlighting the Indonesian members of the network, many of whom are new organisations and communities. The aim was to discuss what their groups are doing to push for women’s rights in their local areas; the discussion was conducted in Bahasa Indonesia and can be watched on YouTube. Sa Perempuan Papua held a webinar on freedom of expression and disability rights, and SPACE UNJ’s online discussion looked at the culture of misogyny embedded in the education arena.

SEAFAM also held two English-language webinars for the Southeast Asian Women. The first explored how organisations are combating GBV in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines (YouTube), while the second reflected on how we all kept doing feminist work during the COVID-19 pandemic (YouTube).

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